TOYO TIRES join the Asia Cross Country Rally

  24 July 2019

When the big Asia Rallye starts on 10 August, seven demanding days will begin for the teams: 2,200 km from Pattaya (Thailand) to Naypyitaw (Myanmar) have to be mastered. Several teams rely on the Open Country M/T from Toyo Tires for the most demanding conditions in order to finish as the best.

Open Country M/TIn addition to the team of four-time defending champion Nuttaphon Angritthanon, the team "Flex Show Aikawa Racing" under the direction of actor Sho Aikawa will also be equipped with Toyo Tires. The specially prepared Suzuki Jimnys will be equipped with Open Country M/T-R, which has been available in Japan since July 1, 2019.

Adding an extra dimension will be the participation of D1GP drift champion, Masato Kawabata. This is the first off road race for the most successful member of the "Toyo Tires Drift Team". Driving for "Flex Show Aikawa Racing" team, he has strong hopes of a podium place in his debut off-road race.

The Asia Cross Country Rally takes place for the 23rd time in August. With regard to the demands placed on drivers and vehicles, the Asia Rally is comparable to the demanding Dakar Rally. In addition to sand and river crossing, competitors in the Asia Rally also have to tackle jungles and swamps to reach the finish in Myanmar.

Open Country M/T is particularly well suited to these challenges: it was developed for demanding off-road driving and ensures optimum traction and good braking behaviour on all surfaces. In addition, it is particularly resistant to damage in order to ensure drivers reach their destination. The latest Open Country M/T-R, is an innovative racing version of the Open Country M/T.