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Welcome To Myanmar CPR Trading
We started our business as importing the motor vehicles from Japan in 2012. It has been 11 years since the establishment of trading business in Myanmar. As our company, we are constantly striving to provide good quality products to Myanmar consumers.

TOYO Tires
TOYO TIRES is a globally trusted brand with a sophisticated taste backed by advanced technology. Featuring a full product lineup, this brand promotes ideal driving. And the brand is recognized for its attributes such as innovation in engineering & design, quality, performance, and excellent service.Toyo Tires products have been embraced by racers, enthusiasts and everyday drivers. We offer a complete selection of premium replacement tires for nearly every make and model including light trucks, SUVs, high performance cars, and luxury vehicles, as well as commercial trucks.

Warmly Welcome To DIRECTION
အရည်သွေးကောင်းမွန်သော ကုန်ကြမ်းပစ္စည်းများကို အသုံးပြုထားခြင်းကြောင့် စိုစွတ်သော လမ်းများပေါ်တွင် Slip ဖြစ်မှုအား ၈၀% လျော့ချပေးတဲ့ အတွက် မိုးများသော မြန်မာနိုင်ငံရဲ့ ယခုလိုမိုးတွင်းကာလမှာ TOYO TIRES ကိုရွေးချယ်ဝယ်ယူပြီး သင့်လမ်းခရီးအတွက် ယုံကြည်စိတ်ချမှုအပြည့်ကို ရယူလိုက်ပါ။

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